How To Move Your Household Appliances?

Packing, loading, transporting all your furniture and especially your household appliances cannot be improvised. A successful move requires a minimum of organization. How to prepare everything for D-Day? Here are all our tips for moving peacefully!

Practical, even essential, household appliances are part of the move, just like furniture. However, some of them require preparation before being properly packed and loaded into the truck.

Fridge Freezer

The first thing is, of course, to empty the contents of the appliance before defrosting it and drying it completely. To avoid breakage during transport, shelves, especially glass shelves, should be removed. Doors should be closed and secured with tape. During transport, the fridge must be positioned vertically so as not to damage the engine. Once in your new kitchen, wait at least 3 hours before plugging it back in to allow fluids to stabilize.


Emptying your dishwasher is the first thing to do before transporting it. The steps to follow are as follows: remove the filters, place the drain hose flush with the ground to drain the water as quickly as possible. When transporting, make sure the dishwasher door is properly closed; Secure the drain and water inlet hoses against the machine with adhesive tape. Unlike the refrigerator, you can plug in your dishwasher as soon as you arrive in your new home.










Washing Machine

Like the dishwasher, the washing machine must be emptied before transport. On the tap side, the water inlet must be removed, as must the machine's drain hose. Tilt the washing machine slightly backward to drain out all of the water. During the journey, you must also secure the washing machine drum using transport brackets (supplied with most appliances). Hold the hoses against the machine with adhesive tape. Once at its destination, it can be directly connected to the planned location.

Oven And Microwave

These two kitchen essentials must be well packed for transport. For both, glass trays, grids, and other dishes must be removed at the risk of damaging them during the move. The glass of the oven and that of the microwave must also be protected: place a cardboard box against the glass, then tape it all around the appliance. Remember to secure the electric wire with adhesive tape.

TV And Computer

Moving a television and a computer requires a minimum of organization. To avoid tangling the brushes and wires when reconnecting them, it is better to locate them correctly. Think about sticky labels or colored bread ties to help you find your way around. On the transport side, the ideal is to find the box provided with the purchase in order to transport and protect them as well as possible. If you have not kept the original packaging, take a suitable cardboard box and use polystyrene wedges or bubble wrap to avoid any impact.

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