3 Things To Know Before Renovating A Basement

Did you know that one in five Americans lives in a multigenerational household?

However, you may not need a fixture if you have an empty basement. Whether you’re a whole family or a homeowner, renovating a basement is a great way to breathe new life into your home.

Assess the state of the water

Before starting a major renovation, check the level of dryness in your basement. It is advisable to do the test on dry land. I rainy days to determine if there is a leak or adequate water collection.

Plan your devices

Many basements house plumbing fixtures like water heaters or appliances like washers and dryers. It will provide easy access to these nodes and devices, so it is best not to include them in your provided plan.

Such bodies should not be barricaded as they could pose a fire hazard or cause a ventilation problem. However, remember that they should be included in your waterproofing plan.

Most of the electrical cables and plumbing lines are in the basement. You’ll also want easy access, which is why many homeowners add a suspended ceiling when renovating a basement. Suspended ceilings are also ideal in the event of a water leak, as only a few replaceable tiles are likely to break.

Make it flexible

While these ideas may be fun for a while, they can get old quickly. When mapping your layout, consider what you will be using your basement for in the distant future.

If this is not your home forever, it is also wise to change the layout easily. Furnished basements increase a home’s resale value, but an unusual design can deter potential buyers.

Basement Renovation with Final Plan

Even the simplest projects can go wrong, so it’s important before you start your research. Fortunately, with the tips above, you won’t have a problem renovating your basement.

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